Institute for Networked Systems

The research in the institute focuses on communications systems and networks, particularly in the wireless domain, but also in general methods of network science. The two main research groups operating in the institute are the networks & systems group and the self-organized networks group. The mission of INETS is apart from research, educating the next generation of leaders in communications engineering and network science. 


24.05.2019 | Two M.Sc. thesis talks on 27th of June

Mr Dimitrios Pappas will be presenting results from his thesis titled "Mitigation of interference between DSL and PCL". This work was conducted in cooperation with devolo AG. Afterwards, Mr Sven Riek will give his MSc. thesis presentation on Thu 27th June at 11 on “Study of inter-system interference for UAV deployments”. 

24.05.2019 | M.Sc. thesis talk on 24th of May

Mr Christophe Braun will give his MSc. thesis presentation on Friday 24th May at 11 on “Study of NGSO Satellite Interference”. 

17.05.2019 | M.Sc. thesis talk on 17th of May

Mr Salim Mansour will give his MSc. thesis presentation on Friday 17th May at 10 am. Work is done in cooperation with Ericsson and is titled “Study and Evaluation of the QUIC Protocol for Live Adaptive Streaming in 5G V2X Networks”. 

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