Institute for Networked Systems

The research in the institute focuses on communications systems and networks, particularly in the wireless domain, but also in general methods of network science. The two main research groups operating in the institute are the networks & systems group and the self-organized networks group. The mission of INETS is apart from research, educating the next generation of leaders in communications engineering and network science. 


15.01.2021 | New web-presence

We are working on updating our web-presence including transitioning to new hosting platform. Due to this there are periods of outage in the current web-pages and updating of the content is sporadic. Due to obvious restrictions, the updating period is unfortunately rather long and partially unpredictable, but we hope that you will be able to enjoy enhanced experience by late Spring 2021.

22.12.2020 | Holiday Season 2020

We wish everyone safe and relaxing holiday season. It has been a tough year for everyone so some break and relaxation is welcome. All iNETS teaching and thesis advising come back online starting 4th of January. We thank all our students, collaborators, and cooperation parters for all your support in 2020.

26.03.2020 | Teaching in SS2020

Covid-19 is affecting our teaching, but we try to minimize the effect to the students. Most of the iNETS laboratory courses are likely to cancelled, expect SMEAGOL which we hope to give as an intensive laboratory course with extra support. Most of our lecture courses will start as digital offerings, more detailed information will be available in the individual course rooms in Moodle. All thesis student work and supervision continues intensively through digital means, and we are providing flexible access to remote desktops and institute servers.

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